Travel Blog: Route 66 Roadtrip

I’m back!

I had a lovely week of travelling along route 66 from Texas to the final destination, the Grand Canyon. I’ve still got the rest of the week off and then it’s back to work next week.

I documented some great places to eat along the way that I’ll share with you, in case anyone happens to land in any of the places I was at and want to try some yummy food!

The Big Texan- Amarillo, Texas


Ok, we technically ate here twice. This was our first place to stop and eat along the way and it was the last one as we headed back home.

I failed to take a picture of what I ate the first time. I was so hungry I attacked my plate and realized I hadn’t taken a picture. I had the Chicken Fried Chicken and I highly recommend it! The chicken was so tender and the gravy on top was perfect! I also had their sweet peach tea and it was everything I had hoped it would be.


The second time we visited here I had their Smothered Barbeque Steak Fries, with bbq sauce on the side and a side of ranch dressing. These fries were excellent! The steak fries were smothered in cheese, onions, and chopped beef with pickles on the side.

66 Diner- Albuquerque, New Mexico

This place was so cute! It was like an old 50’s diner and the food was really good.

I had the Southwest Open Face Burger and the Fiesta Fries. The burger was smothered in queso and topped with green chiles. The chiles had just enough kick to the burger. I could have definitely gone with a lot more queso on the burger, but that’s just me. I like my cheese! The fries were covered in chili and cheese. I would highly recommend both!

Northern PinesFlagstaff, Arizona

This restaurant made a good Coconut Margarita. I had the Turkey Avocado Parm Melt to eat with my drink. It was good, but really needed a sauce to the sandwich. It was kind of dry. I did like the bread, which had parmesan melted onto the bread. Their blueberry cobbler was very good and we took it to go. I was really hoping for peach, but blueberry was what they had the time.

El Palacio- Kingman, Arizona


This was the absolute best restaurant I ate at the whole trip! I ate the verde enchilada with chicken. This enchilada was topped with verde sauce, monterrey cheese, and sour cream. It also came with a delicious pork tamale with ranchera sauce, as well as beans and rice.


I mean look at this thing! I would 10 of 10 recommend this place if you’re ever in the area. They brought out three different sauces to dip your chips in. Two were different kinds of salsa and another was beans. This restaurant definitely seemed like the place to be, as it was full of people, but not overly crowded.

Shiloh Steakhouse- Cortez, Colorado

This restaurant is set inside a house and I just loved the feel of this place. We ate outside  on the back patio area and it was beautiful. There was a little koi pond and several trees helping keep the area covered. It was a great atmosphere outside on the patio to eat dinner.

I had the potato soup, which was like a loaded baked potato. It was topped with bacon, cheese, and chives. It was one of the best potato soups I’ve had in a long time! I also had their Chicken Cesar salad to go along with the soup.

Station Cafe 3-one-6- Taos, New Mexico

This restaurant was a cute little cafe off the main road in Taos. We ate our lunch outside on the covered front patio.

I had the Mahi Mahi Tacos with Beer Battered Fries and a Sangria to drink. I loved the feta cheese and the cilantro cream dressing that was on the tacos! The jalapenos gave the tacos a nice crunch. I would highly recommend this place if you ever find yourself in Taos.

Well that’s all the good hits I enjoyed along the drive. I hope you enjoyed this little travel food blog post. I may try to keep up with blogging food places when I’m on vacation. They won’t be but a couple times a year, but I like sharing good places and food with people.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!



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